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keynote address by mec, dr magome masike at the sexually transmitted infections (sti) / condom and pregnancy education culmination event held sanieshoff, agisanang township stadium

Motsamaisa Tiro ya letsatsi, Moruti Tlhabanyane, The Mayor for Tswaing Local Municipality, Cllr S. Mogatusi, DDG for Health Services, Dr Andrew Robinson, Maloko a Khuduthamaga ya Council (MMCs) le Makhanselara a Sedika sa Ngaka Modiri Molema, Batsamaisi ba lefapha ba bal eng fano, Members of our Governance Structures, Members of the Local AIDS Council, Badiri ba Lefapha, Baithaopi le Badiri ba selegae ba pholo, Baruti le dingaka tsa setso, Community leaders, dikgosi tsa rona, Bagetsho, baagi ba Sanishoff, Agisanang le botlhe gotswa gaufi le kgakala,

Bagaetsho dumelang!

Ke lebogela tshono e ke e bonang gompieno go kopana le lona, le go buisana ka dintlha tseo re leng fano ka tsone. Re tlile ka kwano gompieno jaaka re sa bolo go rulaganya gore re tla tsamaya dikgaolo tse tsotlhe tsa Porofense ya rona, re kopana le baagi go arogana tshedimosetso ka mekgwa eo re ka thusanang ka yona go tokafatsa boiketanelo jwa setshaba sa rona.

Re kopana jaana, morago fela ga gore ke itsise setshaba sa rona mo Aforika Borwa gore Porofense ya rona key a ntlha mo nageng go fodisa molwetsi wa XDR TB. Go a bontsha gore re dira ka thata go lwantsha malwetsi le go aga setshaba se se itekanetseng. Re fitlheletse katlego e ka ntlha ya go dira mmogo. Ka jalo go a bonagala gore fa re dira mmogo, go ka nna bonolo gore re fitlhelele maikaelelo a rona go thibela malwetse a thobalano (STIs), go rotloetsa tiriso ya mesomelwana le go netefatsa pelegi e e sireletsegileng.

Re kopana le baagi jaana ngwaga e nngwe le e nngwe ka yona nako e, re le mo setlhoeng sa letsholo la rona la go phasalatsa thuto, tshedimosetso le tsiboso ka malwetsi a thobalano, boimana le tiriso ya mesomelwana.

We ought to give credit to ourselves because the latest indicators show that the message is getting across. There is a general decrease in the new cases of HIV infections. We all know that HIV is the deadliest of all sexually transmitted diseases. We must continue to work very hard to ensure that the reduction in cases of new infections continue to drop.

We are concerned that the youth seem to be the most affected by sexually transmitted infections including HIV. So we need consistent education of the young people about their sexual life backed by appropriate health promotion messages. We are emphasising 0% new sexually transmitted infections.

It is important that families and adults in our homes takes the responsibility of passing on these health messages to our children and therefore entrench them into the general moral values of our families. It is not only the responsibility of the department to make noise about sexual education.

We are also worried that deaths of pregnant women before and post delivery within 42 days are now a serious national concern. When the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2000, South Africa was one of the signatories, pledging to work towards the attainment of these goals by 2015. One of these goals is to improve maternal health (goal 4). South Africa needs to reduce maternal deaths by 3\4 by 2015.

The country is not doing well as far as achieving this goal. Diseases of lifestyle such as hypertension and HIV related conditions are leading causes of maternal deaths within the Province. I urge you to report all maternal deaths i.e. deaths of pregnant women and those who die during delivery, and post delivery within 42 days. Deaths which are occurring at homes outside the health facilities are mostly not reported. The department is therefore making an awakening call to all communities, families and individuals to report all these deaths at their local health facilities.

In addressing this challenge, it is also important for you to play your part by booking early to identify possible pregnancy risks both on the mother and the baby i.e. as soon as one realizes that she has missed the period (menstruation).

Gape go ka nna kotsi thata mo go Mme le Leseanyana gore moimana a belegele kwa ntle ga tliliniki, a re lekeng thata go fedisa selo se. Go belegisa go tlhoka baoki bao ba katlisitsweng, ba na le maitemogelo le dirisiwa tse di sireletsegileng.

We realise that 78% of pregnant women are delivering in our facilities. This implies that about 22% of pregnant women are delivering outside health facilities either at home or in transit to the facility. It is important to book early for Antenatal for early interventions and to have access to treatment in time.

Ntlha e nngwe ya botlhokwa ke kamano ya setso, ditumelo tsa rona le kalafi ka nako ya boimana. Go na le tiriso e e sa siamang ya kgaba ke ba bangwe ba baimana. Ga re thibele ope go diragatsa setso mme re kgalema fela fa se sa dirisiwe sentle mo e leng gore kwa bofelong botshelo jwa moimana le lesea bo tsena mo kotsing. Re roetloetsa gore go na le go nwa kgaba ka nako ya boimana, bogolo moimana a ka mpa a tlhapa ka yona.

Se sengwe ke gore moimana ga a tshwanelwa ke go ya ko chemisting a reka melemo (over the counter drugs) ntle le gore a be a laetswe ke tliliniki. Elang tlhoko gore matshwao a a latelang, a ka supa gore moimana o ka nna mo kotsing:
• Tlhogo e e opang segolo bogolo mo mesong;
• Kelelo ya madi mo sesading;
• Go ruruga maoto kgotsa mmele;
• Go thubega ga metsi;
• Fa lesea le sa rage kgotsa le sa tshameke

Baimana ba tshwanela go itlhaganela ko tliliniking fa ba ka itemogela a matshwao a.

We need to be broad minded enough to know that our role will go a long way in assisting the country to attain the Millennium Goals especially decreasing maternal and child mortality and combating HIV/AIDS, TB and other diseases.

Mothers need to also enrol into the PMTCT program to prolong life and prevent HIV transmit in to the child. The benefit of early admission into ARV treatment is a reduction in the HIV viral load and prolongs life.

Sexually active people need to ensure that they also improve their knowledge and understanding of the dangers of STIs. It is a fact that, STIs cause morbidity including infertility, abortions, ectopic pregnancies, still births, prematurity and cervical cancer. There is a significantly greater risk of a person acquiring HIV when s/he has STIs.

As a department, we are increasingly concerned about the social behaviour, attitudes and the lifestyle of the youth today. It is worrying that the youth overindulge in quite a number of harmful things like unprotected sex.

We are helping you to take the necessary precautions by increasing your knowledge on prevention, treatment and control of all STIs; promoting awareness of the availability of free, quality STI treatment in public health facilities; reinforcing messages around consistent and correct use of condoms and increasing levels of adherence to prescribed treatment.

Despite all our efforts, it is your attitudes that count. Be responsible! Notify your partners if you have any infections. If you suspect that you may have STIs, talk to your partner and you should both visit your nearest clinic. Some obvious symptoms include discomfort when urinating or itching, swelling or burning in the genital area. However, there are some STIs that do not have apparent symptoms. So if you have engaged in unprotected sex - which you should not - or you or your partner has had other sexual partners, it is best to visit your local clinic and get checked.

Kalafi ya malwetsi a thobalano ke mahala mo maokelong a rona. Ka jalo go botlhokwa go itlhaganela ko tliliniking fa o belaela gore o kane o tshwaetsegile kgotsa o itse gore o tsene mo thobalanong e sa sireletsegang.

Ke a leboga!



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