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Welcome address by MEC for Health Dr Magome Masike during the Recognition of Achievement Ceremony of Honourable Justices, Judge President Leeuw and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Programme Directors, MEC Mabe and MEC Tshwene, Hon. Premier of the North West Province, Mmaarona Mme Thandi Modise, Hon. Members of the Executive Council within our midst, Hon. Speaker of the North West Legislature, Mr Nono Maloyi, Hon. Members of the Provincial Legislature present, Hon. Judge President of the North West High Court, Judge Pres Leeuw, Hon. Chief Justice , Mogoeng Mogoeng, Representation of the North West Bar Council, FBO representation, Pastor Tlhabanyane and Pastor Archie Choeneemang, Distinguished guests, Comrades, ladies and gentlemen,

Bagaetsho, ke a lo dumedisa!

I feel privileged to be part of this special occasion, to be part of a landmark juncture and indeed to be part of this historic occurrence when the honourable Premier has called all of us to come and witness a special recognition of the pride of the North West Province. Indeed, we should feel proud as the people of the North West Province, to recognize the achievement of our honorable Justices, Judge President Leeuw and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng.

I understand Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng from way back in the days of the Black Consciousness Movement and I feel privileged to have been part of that movement which was a grassroots anti-apartheid formation for the liberation of our people.

As I welcome you to this special occasion, I also wish to highlight the significance of the achievements of these two distinguished gentlemen and what this means to the process of transforming the justice system in South Africa. We are here to honour and recognize the achievements of men who will have a role in the much talked about transformation of the judicial system in our country. We move from the premise that, as a country, we have a sound constitution which guides us in implementing the law and thus in governing the judiciary. So the only thing that we are pursuing is to implement the Constitution of our land.

There is a general sense among many of our people who feel that the justice system still does not belong to all South Africans, in the cultural sense, hence the need for transformation. Again, we cannot run away from the fact that the legacy of apartheid is still felt and therefore the general transformation of society, all sectors and including the judiciary continues to be a talking point.

I need to emphasize that transformation of the judiciary does not in any way mean compromising the independence of the judiciary. There are some people who harbor believe that, the African National Congress (ANC) by transforming the judiciary, we are more interested in taking control of it for our own selfish interests. That is not correct! That is misleading! The ANC led government wants the judiciary to be transformed so that it can benefit all South Africans.

When the judiciary is transformed, individual judges will ensure that they decide cases impartially and that all of their decisions are informed by constitutional values and the needs of transformation. We want to foster public confidence in the impartiality of judges which we see as critical to building a legitimate and effective judiciary.

Allow me to bring another element to this issue, which is that of transformation of the legal system. I strongly believe that transformation of the judiciary must be accompanied by a structured process of transforming our legal system. It will not help our country to transform the judiciary and leave the legal system untransformed. The legal system is a means to ensuring access to justice. So without sound legal system, a progressive judicial system will be stifled.

Let us embrace transformation because we are still a young democracy. Transformation is change and we must not be afraid of it. It is only through change that we may progress as communities and as a nation.
I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this important occasion. I welcome you to the North West, the Platinum Province and I welcome you to Mafikeng, the city of goodwill.

You are welcome!



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