Statement by MEC Madoda Sambatha on the COVID-19 Case of a Professional Nurse in Potchefstroom

Last night just around 21h00 I received a report of a Professional Nurse whose results have come back positive of COVID-19.  The Stuff nurse is attached at Promosa Community Health Centre in Potchefstroom.

We took a decisive action to immediately close the facility to allow decontamination. A mobile has been deployed to ensure access and continued service delivery until decontamination of the facility.

The District and Sub District Outbreak Response Teams started with contact for patients, staff and their families.

All staff members at the facility will be placed under quarantine for the next 14 days. The Outbreak Response Teams are checking suitability of their homes for self-quarantine. If the homes do not meet criteria for self-quarantine, they will be taken to a designated quarantine site. This also applies to their families and patients.

For the next 14 days the staff of the facility not be at work. The Department has appointed additional staff however we will have to scale down services like hours of operation and maternity services. The clients will be serviced at other facilities.