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MEC Masike Pleads with Hospital CEOs and Chairpersons of Hospital Boards to "Dig Deep"

Let’s deal with the root causes of our problems and not the symptoms.

In the assessment of problems facing Hospitals in the North-West Province, Health MEC, Dr. Magome Masike has pleaded with Hospital CEOs and Chairpersons of Hospital Boards to be open and frank with challenges facing them. The meeting was held on 27 January 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to assess service delivery progress, identify challenges and chart a way forward.

Over-aching issues that were raised by both parties as matters of concern which hampers health service delivery is the dire shortage of health professionals in health facilities across the Province and the current moratorium that has been placed on the filling of posts.  Whilst the moratorium is primarily placed on filling of administrative posts the Department still has to seek approval from the Provincial Treasury for filling of health related posts.
"One of the most critical issues here is staff shortages and the moratorium. Another problem comes from payment of accruals and litigations. We pay our debts at the beginning of every year before the budget is used. We try to make savings so we can be able to pay our accruals. No one wants to work in a dirty hospital, and we need to find means to make more budget available to be able to attend to all maintenance issues in our facilities.  This is the reality we are working under and it is unfortunate that the status quo is likely to remain the same for some time" said MEC Masike.
Masike said a health system that works for everyone and that produces positive health outcomes is not out of reach.  This can be achieved if all stakeholders work together for better health service delivery for the people of Bokone Bophirima Province.

"It is possible to raise the life expectancy of South Africans to at least 70. Health is not just a medical issue. The social determinants of health also need to be addressed, including promoting healthy behaviour and lifestyles. Responding to Chapter 10 of the NDP that is, promoting Health, our major goal is to reduce the disease burden to manageable levels, He said.

He also challenged the leadership in the Department to say, "In leadership you need to be calm enough to know what you don’t know. Limitations of your knowledge will determine the kind of leader you are. We need strategic leadership, multi-dimensional leadership, collaborative leadership, Work based teams, motivation and good work ethics, resources (human and financial). It is bad to work under mediocrity. Give people the instruments so they can work to the maximum of their ability", he said.
MEC Masike said the Department wants to achieve the successful implementation of NHI, expand free primary health care to benefit communities, reduce private health care costs, improve the quality of public health service and improve human resources for Health.
"Today in our country we have two parallels in our health care system, one catering for the rich and one for the poor. We need to bridge that gap. We need a health care system that caters for everybody, both the rich and the poor.  Poor health infrastructure, shortage of health professionals, Chronic illnesses, mental health, injury & violence, maternal, neonatal and child mortality must be addressed", said MEC Masike.

He also mentioned that the NW Department of Health is the third highest in the country with over four hundred Students studying medicine in Cuba.
"Just last year, we had 459 Nurse graduates.  Our target is to produce a thousand to bridge the gap of lack of human resource. How many of them are coming from your villages? He asked.

Masike committed his Department to intensify its fight against HIV/AIDS & TB, intensify the fight to reduce maternal and child mortality and promote women in health while promoting healthy lifestyle at the same time.
His concluding statement was that Hospital Chief Executive Officers and Hospital boards must work together to build a health system that works for the people of Bokone Bophirima Province. The collaboration will help us to deal with the social determinants of health, including promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.
Chairpersons of Hospital Boards are elected in terms of the National Health Act no 61 of 2003 to represent communities in their struggle to find their legitimate share in the governance and transformation of the health institutions and the health system generally.
Tebogo Lekgethwane
Departmental Spokesperson
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